News - February 24, 2017

Piggy bank campaign yields 2000 euro

University Fund Wageningen (UFW) managed to raise 2000 euros with a playful fundraiser for the Anne van den Ban Fund.

(Photo: Anne van den Ban Fund)

During the AID last August, UFW handed out over three hundred heart-shaped piggy banks to students and staff members. Under the banner Small change for a big change, they could save their change to help students from developing countries who had gotten in financial trouble outside of their own doing. ‘One could think of a failed harvest, or a parent getting ill or passing away. Such matters often meant that these students had to stop studying’, tells fundraiser Arianne van Ballegooij of the UFW.

Valentine’s Day
For years, the Anne van den Ban Fund has been providing scholarships to talented students from developing countries to study in Wageningen. The campaign with the piggy banks lasted until Valentine’s Day. The piggy banks that were turned in contained 1100 euros. Van Ballegooij would have appreciated a higher yield. Despite that, she still thinks the campaign was successful, mainly due to the involvement of the people who knew about the campaign. ‘The best part were the reactions we received. We felt that the campaign was really an item among students and staff members.’

We felt that the campaign was really an item among students and staff members
Arianne van Ballegooij

According to Van Ballegooij, female students of Ceres raised 900 euros by selling calendars. A tennis tournament is also being organised, whose proceeds will also go toward the Anne van den Ban Fund. ‘We were looking for a simple and low threshold way to involve students and staff members more with the fund, and this campaign has stirred up that involvement.’ Not all piggy banks have been handed in yet, though. Van Ballegooij is still missing about a hundred of them. That means the yield could still turn out higher. ‘With this money, we will certainly be able to help at least one student make it to the finish line.’

The UFW has received three requests for pecuniary aid, which it will be assessing soon.