Organisation - January 17, 2020

Pig innovation centre buyer pulls out

Albert Sikkema

Biogas company Re-N Technology, which had the right of first offer on WUR’s pig innovation centre in Sterksel, will not be buying it after all. Now that the biogas firm has pulled out, WUR is looking for alternatives.

©Corine Feenstra

Two possibilities are being considered: either WUR finds another buyer that wants to continue with the research centre or WUR restructures the pig farm and sells the land. Director Menno van Manen of the Animal Sciences Group: ‘The current zoning plan says the farm must have a research function. Buyers have to show that they can continue this research function or they have to request a change to the zoning plan.’ Local residents and nature conservation society Brabants Landschap want the pig farm to go and are advocating restructuring. WUR will examine that option too.