Student - March 28, 2016

Photos: Wageningen Got Talent

Television shows are full of it: talent shows. But how is the talent in Wageningen? During the ‘Wageningen Got Talent’ Event in The Spot last Wednesday it was seen that also Wageningen has talent.

Text: Kim Peterse. Photos: Sven Menschel

Janse Heijn

The evening started off with a spectacular magic show by Janse Heijn. Or to be more precise, with a wine opener, which he pulled out of his handkerchief. During his act Heijn attempted to break the world record solving a Rubik’s cube and he broke the hearts (10) during his card tricks.

Comedian Emma Holmes was the hostess of the evening, who had the difficult task of managing the noisy crowd. Her enthusiasm was clearly present, though it sometimes missed the point.

After a hesitant start the biotechnology student Daan Hooijenga managed to get the audience to join his music performance. The listeners tapped on the rhythm of the music and after his last number he received a warm applause.


The chatter raised during the Wageningen Comedy Club, which made it difficult to understand the comedians. During the break the loud share of the audience left. Mainly students that came to The Spot to eat dinner. They presumably left to join the Easter Fire of NSW that was a lit beside Orion.

The mood had changed after the break. Allegra, the pole dance association, presented a gracious show. Our not all too athletic host also gave it a try.

The last show was given by none other than mentalist and former participant of the SBS-6 programme MindMasters, Tim Hosting. His act  was in theme of hypnoses, suggestion and illusion. He especially impressed the audience with his Russian roulette with staplers.

So it was shown, that also Wageningen has got talent.

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