Student - January 11, 2018

Petition for vegan meals on campus

Julia Schafer

Master’s student Noortje Keurhorst wants more options for eating vegan food on campus. She has started an online petition.

In the petition, the Environmental Sciences student Keurhorst asks the university to offer students at least one vegan hot meal and a vegan sandwich or wrap in all canteens on campus.

Keurhorst started the petition when she discovered that the canteens in Forum, Orion and Leeuwenborch only had a limited range of vegan dishes. ‘I’m on a plant-based diet and I often have to eat on campus because I live in Rhenen and I can’t always take my own meals with me. I was disappointed to find that I can basically only eat soup or salad in WUR canteens.’ She has discovered that a lot of other people would also be happy to see more vegan options. Keurhorst: ‘They do have vegetarian meals available but barely any vegan options. Whereas eating is such an essential part of life. The fact that I’m not able to get a decent meal makes student life much less enjoyable for me.’

In the petition, which already has over 300 signatures, Keurhorst asks WUR to live up to its reputation as the third most sustainable university in the world: ‘Your environmental footprint is much smaller when you are on a plant-based diet. Offering more vegan food is an opportunity for the university to set an example in terms of sustainable food.’

Keurhorst wants to have collected 500 signatures by the end of January. Then she will hand the petition over to the catering managers and a WUR representative. ‘The aim of the petition is to show that there is a demand for more vegan food on campus and to start a dialogue. I would like to collaborate with those responsible in finding a solution.’ To sign the petition, go to

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  • CampusKanarie

    Goed initiatief hoor Noortje! ik denk dat je impact nog groter is als je je tot de hele campus richt. campus plaza (bekend als die "sneue snacktrip") is WUR onwaardig. daar kunnen gewoon leuke door studenten gerunde tentjes in, een volwaardige mensa (zoals iedere andere studentenstad dat heeft) en een shop met lokale producten/wageningse innovaties. Hoe mooi zou het zijn als we trots konden zijn op het eerste wat je ziet als je de bus uit stapt op de campus?

  • Johan

    In de kantine van de WUR is ook geen döner verkrijgbaar.