Student - November 6, 2013

Partying in Copenhagen

Who? Josien Noppers, second year MSc student of Sensory Science
What? Four months taking Master’s courses
Where? Copenhagen, Denmark

‘A fixed component of our Master’s is taking a number of courses in Copenhagen over a period of four months. It is a kind of exchange project based on the fact that the universities of Wageningen both have lots of knowledge about Sensory Science. Organizing it was very easy as everything was arranged for us. I went with 15 others from Wageningen, which made it less necessary to connect up with a lot of new people. Nevertheless I made a conscious effort to seek out the company of others, especially international students. On Friday evenings I went out, starting with a few drinks in the bar on campus. The alcohol was cheap there, unlike the other bars in Copenhagen. There were lots of Danes there, but they were not open to making contact.
It was nice to get away from Wageningen for a while and to see another university. Copenhagen is a real city where life goes on all through the night. That’s different to what I’m used to in Wageningen. I was also lucky that the famous music event Distortion took place during my stay in Copenhagen. A free festival for five days all around the city. Complete chaos, lots of music and above all, lots of people creating one big party together. A fantastic experience.

In many ways Denmark was quite similar to the Netherlands. I could get everywhere by bike and that’s what I did: half an hour’s bike ride every day to the university. I took two courses with lectures and practicals and one course similar to ACT. I didn’t have much trouble with the course content. In Wageningen I have to work extremely hard to get a 7, but it was quite easy there. So if you want to up your grade average a bit, Denmark is the place to be.’