News - October 21, 2011

Palm procession tickets sold out

Suzanne Overbeek

An event for which the tickets were sold out in two and a half hours: is Madonna coming to Wageningen? Or is the Dutch team playing a World Cup Final at the Wageningen stadium?

No, the big party that the entire Wageningen student community seems to have been waiting for is the Palm Procession, the annual pub crawl around Wageningen when fans of the Flemish beer can be amazed all over again to find that the new vintage tastes exactly like the last one. Fortunately.
Last year it took about a week to sell the 500 tickets, priced at ten euros apiece (which buys you a glass of Palm in seven different cafés). They went considerably faster this year, and the last one was snapped up after two and half hours.

One of the staff at the café organizing the event, De Vlaamsche Reus, is pretty surprised too. 'This has never happened in all the years we've been running it. But we have already been in touch with Palm. We hope to find a way of letting even more people enjoy the Palm Procession.'

The 14 th Palm Procession takes place on Wednesday 2 November 2011 in De Vlaamsche Reus, Buurman&Buurman, Penny Lane, 't Poorthuis, The Doctor, Daniels, and XL. So if you managed to get hold of a book of tickets for just 10 euros, you can drink a Palm in each of the participating cafés. You are free to join even without tickets, but then you have to pay the full whack.