News - November 22, 2010

PPO shows how to plant without soil

Project manager Henk van Reuler explained the 'planting above ground' project of Applied Plant Research (PPO) to State Secretary Henk Bleker on 18 November.

PPO presented this project during the annual symposium of the Limburg Agricultural and Horticultural Association (LLTB) in Roermond. In the 'Teelt de grond uit' project, PPO researchers of Wageningen UR in Randwijk look for ways to grow vegetables, bulbs, fruits, flowers and trees outside the soil. That should result in cultivation systems which can link environmental advantages to good yields. The need for the project has arisen because of strict environmental regulations in the Water Framework Directive and the Nitrates Directive for Dutch horticulturists. Except for several soil types, it is very difficult to comply with these increasingly strict regulations.