News - October 11, 2012

Over and Out

Breaking News - the last 'Original' is leaving Ede. The Prins Maurits Kazerne's longest resident is packing her kit and beginning a new adventure.

I have realized, it is time to settle in a more stable environment, closer to the Forum, where people may actually stay longer than an average summer holiday.
Finding a new place would, I thought, be relatively easy. How wrong was I? Not only was it difficult to find a room but also to deal with the emotional battle of my two mind sets: to stay and make the most of Ede's lovely facilities or to leave and hope to form longer friendships.
Finally, when I decided to move, I visited a few of the housing options, tiny kitchens, messy occupants and questionable corridor smells, brought me straight back down to earth. Nothing was even comparable to what I was used to...
I briefly tried to explore the private market. A potential landlady put me right off the idea. By telling me, quite bluntly, that she did not want only international students in the house. This attitude, not only shocked me, as it was rather un-Dutch, but it also suggested she may not be reasonable.
After receiving an offer in the Bennekom student housing complex, I visited the place and was delighted to see it seemed exactly what I was looking for. Plus, apparently, I have my own washbasin, nice touch!
So, Ede's remaining soldier must leave for her new up-market accommodation. Indeed, promotion may be on the horizon, as only an officer would be allowed their own sink. I have actually realized quite how excited I am about moving, if only I could work out how to do it on one foot as the other is still heavily strapped. Darn war wounds!