Organisation - March 20, 2020

Only online courses until 8 May

Luuk Zegers

The entire fifth period will take place online, exams included. WUR teaching staff received this information through email this morning. They must now consider how they intend to administer the exams.

© Marte Hofsteenge
The email message contained the most recent government guideline, which states that all education is to take place online until 6 April. ‘We do not expect everything to return to normal immediately after 6 April. Therefore, we have decided that the entire fifth period will take place online only.’ The message is signed by the dean of education Arnold Bregt, and rector magnificus Arthur Mol.
This means that exams must be administered online and remotely, as well as lab work, fieldwork and excursions. Teachers are requested to keep careful track of the changes, so that the NVAO (joint quality assurance agency of the Netherlands and Flanders) may be adequately informed if needed.

Besides education being digital, all PhD defence ceremonies are to take place online as of next week. 'Candidates are able to choose whether they prefer their defence to be postponed to a later date or to continue online according to plan, in consultation with their supervisor,’ the message states. Furthermore, at least until 1 August 2020, ‘no new PhD students will be admitted to WUR.’