News - January 30, 2015

Obsessed with the

The day I arrived in Wageningen it was lovely weather. I fulfilled all the formalities, met my new colleagues and was trying to settle down when I was informed by our Secretary that I was a lucky girl. I didn’t know what she meant. I assumed she meant the fact that I had managed to get a PhD place at Wageningen University. But no, that was not the reason. According to her, the weekend was going to be sunny.

Coming from India, it was difficult for me to understand the correlation between being lucky and having sunny weather. Now of course I completely agree with her as having sunny weather in The Netherlands is worth quite a lot. I also understand why the Dutch use the weather forecast when planning personal activities. In India we hardly have the practice of checking the weather forecast to plan our activities in daily life.

Now I do check the weather forecast before I go out or plan something. This gives me the opportunity to get prepared to face the showers or enjoy the sun. I have also developed the habit of planning my outdoor activities according to weather predictions. This seems so systematic and organized. Again, the predictions are so accurate that you are hardly ever disappointed. I wish I could do the same when I am back in my country.

Archana Patnaik, PhD student in the Rural Sociology Group, from India.