News - June 2, 2015

Nude calendar Argo

Koen Guiking

Rowing association Argo released a nude calendar last week. The calendar will be sold in the clubhouse of the association and costs 10 euro. An interview with Marlies, one of the initiators.

Who is publishing a calendar late May?

‘It’s a birthday calendar, so it can last for years. We are now publishing this calendar because my committee, the AfroeiCie, has to find sponsorships for the recruitment of new members at the beginning of next academic year.’

And when you suggested the idea, the entire association stood in line to be photographed naked?

‘No. We did not want everyone to already know that we were working on this. It had to remain secret. Our committee was photographed as first one and a half month ago. At 7 o'clock in the morning we were all standing naked along the Rhine, close to the association. Nice and quiet and a good moment for this kind of pictures, we thought. But right then, a huge boot sailed along. That was well timed of the boatman.’

Which teams are also pictured?



‘In rowing we call teams, crews. There are several teams portrayed in the photos. We did not ask a different team for each month because we wanted to keep the calendar secret for long, but I can say that both women's and men's teams are portrayed stand.’

How would you describe the photos?

‘It is an elegant and powerful calendar produced by our own association. We aim at producing something that is out of our comfort zone.

All revenues we obtain are a surplus, the idea was never to make money from this.

Elegant and powerful. They are charming, classy photos and all rowing related. The naked Argonauts are thus sitting in the rowing boat car or have rowing poles in their hands.'

How many calendars are available?

‘Quite a few. And you get value for our money as the calendar is in A3 format. I am not going to say anything about the edition, but there are really enough. We sell the calendar within the association, but everyone who participated has also given permission for distribution within Wageningen UR.'

And where is the calendar for sale?

‘At the association. For 10 euro. But they can also be reserved via the email address’