News - February 9, 2011

Nuclear power in Gelderland?

This evening, 9 February, ten political parties will be debating issues related to education, development and the environment at SSR-W, in the runup to the provincial elections. Pien van Zandbrink explains why you should not miss the debate.

Why is it such a good idea to be there this evening?
'My guess is that students have very little idea how the provincial council works. So we will start with an introduction to the powers of the province and how these elections influence national politics. The Provincial Councils elect the Upper House. With the current cabinet plans for education, these could be very interesting elections.'

Is it just about education?
'That is an important topic, because I have understood that Gelderland is to be a knowledge province. I am curious as to what we can expect of the provincial council in that area. But we will also be talking about a night bus between Wageningen and Arnhem, a nuclear power station in Gelderland, and about nature reserves.'

A serious evening.
'There will even be a couple of students taking the floor. They are standing for election, it is true, but anyway I think it will be an easy debate to follow. Afterwards there will be a small info market at which you can ask questions to individual speakers on a one-to-one basis. And of course there will be some drinks.

Are all the parties represented?
'The big parties will be there, except the PVV because their leader is the only one who speaks for the party. And he is busy. But the Animal rights party is coming and so are the Christian Union, the Bergen group and perhaps the SGP.'
The debate begins at 20.00 at SSR-W, entrance is free. Simon Vink is in the chair. All the propositions can be found on the  SSR-W  site.