News - October 22, 2015

Not moving to Helix in 2015

The leftover chair groups at the Dreijen will not move to the campus before January. The new building Helix is still having problems with the air extraction system. This was confirmed by Bart Sjoerts, facility manager at Agro technology and Food sciences (AFSG).

Originally the new building was supposed to be ready in the spring of 2015. But the completion date has been moved up several times now. According to plans the first chair groups would have moved in August. Meanwhile it is clear that the first moves will not occur in 2015.

Like in August the air extraction system in Helix is still a problem, says Sjoerts. The facility management, the contractor and the installer are trying to find and fix the problem in the upcoming months. That is a
difficult task, says Sjoerts, which takes a lot of time.

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