News - November 3, 2011

Not for wimps

‘A strong men committee, that's something for me.' So thought the bunch of rugby players, footballers, knotsbal players and other sporty guys who signed up for Thymos's Strong Men Committee.

The board, made up entirely of women this year, was looking for muscle men to shift heavy equipment at sporting events. At the selection evening, the men competed in contests of woman-lifting, tug-of-war, tyre throwing and opening jars. ‘We oiled the jars first, otherwise it would have been far too easy', says Thymos chair Aafke Nijhuis, who looks back on a very successful evening. ‘Of course it was all a big joke, and everyone enjoyed that. In the end we selected all the gentlemen for the committee.' The Strong Men Committee will get its baptism of fire during the Sport Night on 24 November.