News - December 16, 2004

No packages

The ‘concern board’ decided there would be no Christmas packages distributed this year within Wageningen UR. Instead, every employee would receive the same small Christmas gift, but one small institute went its own way. The ‘concern board’, consisting of the Executive Board and the directors of the Sciences Groups, decided this year that no Christmas packages were to be handed out by the different groups themselves. ‘We thought it would give the wrong impression if those who are working in the parts of Wageningen UR that are doing well were sent home with a big Christmas package, while others would have to make do with less,’ said spokesman Simon Vink. The idea is that all personnel get the same gift. Those working for food safety institute Rikilt, however, are the exception that proves the rule this year. Leo Pricken, chair of the Rikilt personnel association: ‘We have indeed got Christmas packages. The decision of the ‘concern board’ came too late. But it is certainly not that we have to do things our own way. Next time we will do the same as everyone else.’ / GvM