Organisation - May 31, 2018

No longer the most sustainable university

Roelof Kleis

Eindhoven: Gold. Wageningen: Silver. Hard to swallow, maybe, but Wageningen is no longer the most sustainable university in the Netherlands.

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After topping the ranking by Studenten voor Morgen (Students for tomorrow) for five years in a row, this year Wageningen University saw the SustainaBul 2018 award go elsewhere. Wageningen came in behind Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe) by a margin of six points (392 and 386). And that’s bad news, says Erna Maters of Facilities and Services. ‘But Eindhoven deserved to win.’

TUe came in for a lot of praise for its student teams. These groups of students take up projects which often lead to start-ups. The Solar Team, for example, is making a solar-powered family car. Blue Jay is developing an indoor drone that could provide health care assistance.


According to Maters, Wageningen was less successful this year in putting appealing sustainable projects in the limelight. ‘We put forward our activities related to modern slavery. But apparently Studenten voor Morgen didn’t see those as an example of sustainability.’

Only 13 universities, including four universities of applied sciences, competed in the ranking this year, as opposed to 20 last year. The organization plans to simplify the questionnaire so that it is less of a job to participate.

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  • Marco

    Fol might be right. Further possibilities: maybe WUR lost points by continuing banking with rabo and ING. Or could it be because the WUR even refused to send the pension fund ABP a letter to ask them to divest from fossil fuels? Maybe Eindhoven provides science days for school children themselves, and does not leave that to Shell. Maybe Eindhoven does not lobby for intensive agricu.. well screw it: back to work Executive Board: WUR' going to be the greenest next year again!

  • fol

    maybe it's because of the policy of giving a mobile phone to every employee (instead of the desk phones that were working perfectly), or because of changing all desks for the only reason of putting more people in the same room ? Wageningen green University is a joke, only marketing like always.