News - November 16, 2010

No good mixing Unitas with carnival

The inhabitants of the Brabant Province love carnivals. Unitas members love to party. But mixing the two didn't quite take off during the 'Insane in the brain' party organized by Unitas and the Brabant Student Guild on 11 November.

Only a handful came dressed up to the 'Insane in the brain' party at the start of the carnival season.
Entering 'Het Gat', a pub in Wageningen, one is confronted with forty 'Brabanders'. While three of them are in classic carnival outfits, the others only wear pointed hats made of cardboard or cloth. With Dutch carnival music playing in the background, a bottle of beer is tossed through the air, but there is no 'Ad Fundum' drinking from gigantic beer tankards and no babbling in dialects.
According to Het Gat's bouncer, about 400 students are present. Most of the party-goers are in the cellar: a few hundred of them packed against one another, just boys and girls in normal attire. Accompanied by the penetrating smell of sweat, they abandon themselves to their favourite 'Unitas music'. Now and then, a lost pointed hat makes its way through the crowd.