News - December 8, 2015

No exams after Liberation day

This year students can take their time to recover from their hangover after Liberation day. The board of directors in consultation with the student council decided that there will be no exams on 6 May.

In the 5th period it will be the first time that exams can be made in the new sports hall. This allows more space in the exam schedule. The board of directors submitted several options to the student council on how they could use this extra space: no exams on the 6th of May, no evening exams or no exams on Friday of the self-study week. From a survey by the student council with 350 student participants it was found that 77% would prefer having the day after Liberation day free of exams.  

On the 5th of May many students volunteer to help at different stages, explains Bram Kerssemakers from the student group VeSte. If you have an exam on 6 may then you can’t really help and party on Liberation day. ‘It is unfortunate that as a student you can then not celebrate the day of freedom.’

No official exams have been scheduled on 6 May, but individual teachers can make other plans, if they wish, says Simon Vink, spokesman for the board. According to him the teachers are also happy with this day off because this year it happens to fall on the Friday after Ascension Day.

In 2013 the student council also demanded exam free after Liberation day. It was finally chosen to only keep the morning of 6 May free, in the afternoon the students had to get back to work.