Organisation - March 1, 2016

No access on leap day

Koen Guiking,Linda van der Nat

The access cards of many employees and students did not work on the leap day. Construction company Heijmans, who installed the access control system, adjusted the servers to 1 March, but this did not solve the problem.

‘If 29 February would not be on the calendar, I would understand the mistake. But the date is on it’, Els Janssen, receptionist at Radix laughs. ‘It is an early April fool’s joke.’ Quarter past zeven Janssen arrived at the door where she works, but the doors remained closed. Fifteen minutes later she could enter with a colleague whose card did work.

The access gates in Radix opened and closed by themselves a couple of times. Apparently the mechanic of Heijmans was working on it from a distance. ‘Until ten thirty everything was open’, Dorrie Jansen said from behind the counter. But afterwards she regularly had to open the gates for students that wanted to go out. Her pass worked.

In Actio the doors opened by themselves. ‘Normally you need to use your pass before eight in the morning and after five in the evening, but this morning I could enter at quarter to eight’,  said Elly Eugelink, receptionist for the facility company. According to her the service desk received multiple reports of people that suddenly did not have access to a building or a lab area.

Erwin Krijt, contact person of Wageningen UR at Heijmans, explained that the problems with access gates not working on the 29th of February is a national problem.

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