News - October 11, 2007

Nji-Sri organizes Dutch course

The student association Nji-Sri has started a Dutch course for international students from the university for professional education Van Hall Larenstein. Fourteen participants have already joined the language lessons. Many first-year international students want to learn Dutch, but the course at Van Hall Larenstein is offered only in the second year.

‘Last year we had a lot of new German members and found that there was a bit of a linguistic barrier. That’s how we got the idea for a Dutch course’, explains Arne Timmerman, president of Nji-Sri. ‘We want to teach these students basic things, like how to order a cup of coffee or buy bread. And the course is also a way to get in touch with other people.’

The course, consisting of ten lessons, is given by an official teacher from TaalVast. Timmerman: ‘If reactions are positive, we will certainly consider continuing the course. As a student association we think it’s important to offer our members something besides studying and drinking a beer in the pub.’