News - May 18, 2015

Night walk for charity

In the ‘night of the refugee’, the night of 14 May, six Wageningen students walked forty kilometers. They raised € 1.710 for Syrian refugees.

Tekst: Veronika Wehner

How far would you walk at night for fear of violence? Approximately 1200 people walked in the ‘night of the refugee’ from Rotterdam to The Hague (or part of it). Amongst them six participants of the Amnesty Students Wageningen: Eva Romviel, Judith van Uden, Thomas Fossen, Anke Verheij, Leontien Jansen and Anne Walther.

‘We started at midnight in Rotterdam and arrived around a quarter past nine in the morning in The Hague’, tells Judith van Uden. Together with Amnesty groups of Leiden and Amsterdam, the Wageningen six traveled 40 kilometers. ‘The mood was really positive. You talk easily with one another.’ But after thirty kilometers it became quite heavy. ‘It was already 6AM and the feet were pretty sore.’   

For some participants 40 kilometers turned out to be very far. Anne Walther tells about crying people in the last two stages. ‘You could really see the sheer desperation’.

With the completion of the charity walk the Amnesty Students Wageningen raised € 1.710. Besides sponsoring by people in their personal circle the students also raised money by selling ice creams in Forum and by selling second hand clothes and books. It is still possible to sponsor.

Photo: The Amnesty Students Wageningen after reaching the finish in The Hague. They were rewarded with a pair of flip flops, a bouquet and a medal.