News - March 12, 2020

New vision on campus food

Roelof Kleis

Is the catering on campus still meeting requirements? WUR is developing a new vision on ‘Food & Beverage’ to set the course for the future.

All the key contracts with campus caterers are due to end over the next two years. That includes not just the canteens but also the vending machines. Now WUR is developing a ‘broadly supported vision’ to make sure it is well prepared for the new round of tendering. Students and staff will have a real say in this vision, according to Ludy Zeeuwen of Facilities & Services, who is a member of the project group in charge of documenting the vision. The input for the new vision will include an analysis of the current caterers, a survey of other universities and an assessment of what market players have to offer. The guiding principle is that the food and the business should be healthy and sustainable.
Considerable weight is given to users’ views. Polls and questionnaires will be used over the next while to assess people’s preferences. A WUR group has been created on the intranet where staff can give their opinion. A draft version of the new vision should be ready by the autumn.