News - February 17, 2020

New: the Vegan Student Association


There is a new association in town for everyone interested in a plant-based diet: the Vegan Student Association (VSA). ‘It’s all about good food and good company.’

Group photo taken at the first VSA-event. © Vegan Student Association Wageningen

Luc Roefs (26), bachelors student of Business- and Consumer Sciences, heard that Groningen had launched a student association for vegans. ‘During class, I mentioned to a friend that it would be nice to have a similar association in Wageningen. Following that, nothing much happened, but during a potluck dinner in Thuis, someone else had the same idea. So the three of us got together to discuss the possibilities.’

VSA profile pic.png

The three students reached out to other vegan student associations. ‘Together, we came up with a mission. We strive to create a community for students interested in a plant-based diet and to provide an atmosphere in which veganism is easier and more fun. In the end, it’s all about good food and good company.’

Quizzes, workshops, movie nights
VSA Wageningen now has 37 members who can attend dinners, but also quizzes, cooking workshops, lectures, movie nights and trips. ‘For example, we are planning to visit Veggie World, the largest vegetable exhibition in the Netherlands.’

All activities are open to everyone, says Roefs. Even to carnivores? ‘Certainly! We don’t want to be judgemental. Anyone interested in vegetable-based food is welcome, meat-eaters included.’

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  • Michael Owino

    Wow! A great idea. Looking forward to be part of the association as i await to join WUR. Vegetable is life.

  • Lola from Venray

    Plant based food was the original diet, biblically speaking, and God has good reasons for that. Too bad, this grandma's too old to join your group, but I can share some recipes.

  • ignas heitkonig

    great initiative!
    would it be possible to share a set of receipes pleeeeeaase... ?