News - November 6, 2012

New supervisory board for VHL

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences has a new supervisory board since 2 November. The board is chaired by Agnes van Ardenne, ex-minister for Development Coorperation.

Agnes van Ardenne
The appointment was made by demissionary state secretary Henk Bleker on 2 November. Bleker dismissed the former supervisory board - which also supervises Wageningen UR - at its request. The new supervisory board comprises:

  • Agnes van Ardenne, chair of the Horticultural Product Board. Of note: the product boards will be dissolved by the new cabinet;

  • Lammert Fopma, director for many years of job agency AB Vakwerk in the province of Noord Nederland, who resigned as director in October;

  • Marco Korff, former director of Alfa Accountants, who is also the supervisory authority for Christian education in and around Ede;

  • Rob Mooren, director of engineering firm Arcadis since 2008;

  • Hein Pieper, former member of parliament for the Christian-democratic political party CDA, and the present 'dike major' (dijkgraaf) of the Rijn and Ijssel water board.

The members have been appointed for a period of four years. Their appointment is one of the last tasks for demissionary state secretary Bleker before the swearing in of the new cabinet formed by the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the Labour Party (PvdA).
With the appointment of the new supervisory board for VHL, the way is now clear for its present executive board to step down. No date has been made known for this yet. Afterwards, the new VHL supervisory board can appoint a new executive board for this applied sciences university. Only after these have taken place can negotiations for the unbundling from Wageningen UR really begin.