Student - January 11, 2018

New student accommodation on Marijkeweg

Albert Sikkema

There are plans for 200 new student rooms on Marijkeweg road in Wageningen. Space will come available for the new building because the Rijn IJssel College’s Wageningen training school will be relocating from that site.

Permission will be given to demolish this training college building. © Rijn IJssel College

The training school, recognizable by the large chef’s cap on the facade, will be expanding on the south side of the Marijkeweg road. That will free up the site on the north side from early 2019. Wageningen municipality wants to grant permission for the demolition of the current building because it is unlikely that potential buyers can be found for this building. Demolition will open the way for a new student complex on the corner of Marijkeweg.

However, the municipality is making it a precondition that a solution is found for the growing numbers of cyclists travelling every day between the Marijkeweg and Haarweg student complexes and campus. In the morning and late afternoon, the constant flows of cyclists block cars using the Marijkeweg/Kortenoord Allee roundabout. The municipality thinks that problem will only increase with a new building for students on the corner of this roundabout.