Student - May 9, 2016

New sports hall complete mid-July

Linda van der Nat

The new building of Sports Centre Bongerd will be ready on 19 July. Half a year later than planned.

In the calm summer months the contractor will make the last finishing touches to the construction work. In the coming weeks the new hall will be furnished with a floor, changing rooms, showers and toilets will be installed and storage areas will be made. In theory the hall is then ready to be used, says the manager of The Bongerd Annemieke Dijkstra. ‘But a whole range of activities follows to make the hall ready for real sporting activities: the scoring board needs to be placed and the music installation needs to be installed.’ The objective is that students can use the hall at the start of the new academic year, according to Dijkstra. During the AID it could be possible to move activities to the sports hall if we have bad weather.

The new sports hall was supposed to be complete at the start of 2016. The sound permit that was not correct and the redirection of the gas pipeline caused this delay. Dijkstra does not expect any more delay. ‘The delay is all very inconvenient, but eventually something really fine will be in place.’

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