News - May 13, 2020

New collective labour agreement Universities: pay rise and bonus

Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau

University employees are to receive a 3 per cent salary increase and a 750 euro bonus.

© Marte Hofsteenge

Assuming the constituency ratifies the agreement, new labour agreement is effective until 1 January 2021. The pay rise will come into effect on 1 June. Employees under contract on that date will also receive a one-off bonus of 750 euros (before taxes), or, for part-timers, a part of this sum.


The negotiators acknowledge the impact the corona crisis has on temporary workers, and reserve money for this group: 0.45 per cent of the wage margin. This means 0.45 per cent of the total wage sum of the universities.



‘This is a unique deal that expresses solidarity and commitment towards university employees working on temporary contracts’,  the negotiators write. Further agreements must be made on how this money is to be spent. This could include extending contracts for researchers, PhD students and teachers, or support staff that assists them in their duties.



It was also agreed that all universities must install an ombudsperson or position, where staff members can turn in cases of conflict. This should be achieved within a little over a year for all universities.

Whether the employers (united in the VSNU: the association of Dutch universities) and the members of the labour unions (FNV, CNV government, AOb and AC/FBZ) ratify the agreement will be announced no later than 5 June.