News - May 30, 2012

New caterer in Leeuwenborch

Leeuwenborch will have Good Food as its new caterer from 16 July. This Wageningen company is chosen because it combines an extraordinary assortment with sustainable local products and reasonable prices.

The new caterer's chorizo-and-cheese burger
Quiches, one-pan pastas, sushi, satay. All these can be found on the menu of Good Food Catering. This small company is well-known in Wageningen because it is also the food and drink supplier for the Netherlands Institute of Ecology.
Good Food works together with local producers and almost all its products are organic. Yet, it remains affordable because it is small and has very little overhead costs. A burger costs €2.50 at the most, while a bowl of soup costs €0.83. Its daily menu features at least a fish burger, a meat burger, a vegetarian burger, a warm meal and two types of soup. An example of a bread meal is a ciabatta topped with mashed chickpeas and cucumber, or a sandwich with beetroot and feta cheese.
Owner Jeroen van Rosevelt also wants to take over the coffee corner. 'It's going to be like a bakery shop; the smell of freshly baked croissants greets you when you enter while an apple turnover is baking in the oven.' Good Food will supply fresh bread throughout the day. If the lunch service is operating well, Van Rosevelt also plans to supply takeaway meals. 'In time to come, we want to open even till 8 pm and serve warm dinners three evenings a week.'
The ideas of Van Rosevelt call for a different style of working for his employees. 'I want things to keep bustling throughout the day and the staff has to prepare everything fresh. I will have to make some investments but I believe that it will work.'