Science - November 13, 2014

National icon

Albert Sikkema

The Wageningen potato-breeding firm Solynta has been elected a ‘national icon’ by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. A jury chaired by former politician Hans Wijers chose the company as one of the four with the most promising innovations in the Netherlands.

Being chosen as a national icon is very important in helping the company (with a staff of ten) get ahead, says the founder Pim Lindhout. He worked at Wageningen UR for a number of years and still has close contacts with Wageningen scientists. ‘We are located in the global centre for genetic potato research.’ The company premises are at the Dreijen.

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  • Conny Almekinders

    Wordt dit de game-changer!?!?!

  • Greet Steenhuis

    Fantastisch!Een jongensdroom wordt waar!