News - February 27, 2015

Nap corner

Linda van der Nat

Ready for a power nap? Thanks to the student council, this has recently become a possibility in the Forum.

‘ We heard from students that they felt the need of a place at the university where they could get a bit of shuteye,’ said student council member Jelske de Kraker. ‘Students have long days of lectures and if you first have to cycle home when you have an hour off, there isn’t much time left for a nap. Whereas a power nap has been proven to have a positive effect on the learning process.’ During the resits week and the revision week, the quiet corner was well-used, adds Jelske. ‘Not just by people wanting to sleep. I also saw people praying or practising a presentation. It is a quiet corner where you can have a moment to yourself.’ In the first instance, this is a pilot. ‘That is why it is not very fancy at this point, but if it starts to be used a lot, it may be furnished with nicer furniture.’