News - March 21, 2018

Municipal elections: should students be involved more (video)

Kenneth van Zijl,Stijn van Gils

It is a matter of course that the municipality should make use of WUR’s knowledge and listen to students. Is it really doing so badly? Two WUR students who are candidates for the elections express their opinions.

Meet Sven Alkemade (Connect Wageningen) and Wim Verhagen (D66). Alkemade thinks that students are not heard nearly enough. ‘The municipality mainly looks at WUR’s board. Students and student associations are barely involved’, he says. According to Verhagen, the situation is not that bad. His party does listen to students.

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Not enough students
It is especially Connect Wageningen that holds the opinion that students are not heard enough in the politics of Wageningen. If it were up to them, there would be more WUR students on the council. Political parties should also be more active in involving students. Most other parties think that Connect is exaggerating. They say they do listen to students.

Every party would like to make use of WUR’s knowledge. But the extent to which this is already being done is up for debate. The municipality already is a recurring client for courses such as Academic Consultancy Training, in which students try to solve a societal issue. According to the Stadspartij, we should not think that all WUR knowledge is directly applicable.

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