News - March 19, 2018

Municipal elections: pleading for fast bicycle roads or paid parking (video)

Kenneth van Zijl,Stijn van Gils

Wageningen’s accessibility remains a controversial issue. Where one party says the situation is not so bad, another says more asphalt is urgently needed. Resource asked three WUR students that are participating in the elections about their views.

According to Jan Daenen (PvdA) and Casper van Waarbeek (VVD), Wageningen has a significant problem with accessibility. Anne Walther (SP) says that studies have yet to show that there is a problem. ‘This rather concerns traffic in the city’, Walther tells in the video.

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- Unfortunately, your cookie settings do not allow videos to be displayed. - check your settings

Parties have little say
The other parties in Wageningen are also exceptionally divided about the accessibility issue. Of all issues, the ring road pours the most oil on the fire. The province is of the opinion that no satisfactory decision could be made about this road that was supposed to improve access to campus.

Last year, the province eventually decided to take over the decision-making role from the municipality. The municipal council now has very little left to say about this issue. Yet most parties still try to lobby hard for a solution they desire. Stadspartij says that the province would not sufficiently keep the interest of the residents in mind.

The municipality also has very little say in the issue of paid parking on campus: it is up to the proprietor of the grounds, which is WUR itself. Of course, consulting with the municipality is always a possibility.

However, improving the accessibility for cyclists is absolutely something that the municipality can tackle, and the parties seem to be facing in the same direction on this topic. All parties want to lay additional fast cyclist roads where necessary, for example.

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