News - November 2, 2012

Moustaches in Movember

Seven members from the Wageningen rugby club got together after training last evening. To shave for a good cause.

If you come across a man with a crummy moustache in the weeks to come, give him a friendly look. He may be sporting a moustache for the sake of someone else. Throughout the month of November, men all over the world are trying to raise funds by growing a moustache. The funds will be channelled towards the male disease, prostate cancer. 'Movember' is to men, as Pink Ribbon is to women. 'Mo' is short for 'moustache' and one who participates is a 'mo bro'.  
Partiipation, of course, also entails several rules:
1. Each mo bro begins with a cleanly shaved face on 1 Movember.
2. Throughout the entire month of Movember, each mo bro lets his moustache grow and keeps it tidy.
3. The moustache cannot grow into the sideburns as it will then be considered as a beard.
4. The ends of the moustache cannot reach the chin as it will then be considered as a goatee.
5. Every mo bro has to behave like a real gentleman.
The Wageningen rugby men shaved together ritually at the start of Movember, using the only mirror they have.