News - June 27, 2013

'Most sustainable university'

Students praise Wageningen's sustainability policy.

Wageningen UR puts more effort into sustainability than any other Dutch university. In recognition of this, it has been awarded the 'Sustainable Diploma' by Morgen, a student lobby group. The university scored particularly well in purchasing policy, property and the commitment of students and staff. Other categories covered included water and energy consumption, waste disposal and investing in sustainability.
The focus of the survey was on sustainability policy and transparency.
Strangely enough, WU ended up with a very low ranking last year. The survey then consisted of a Google search of university websites. This year, the universities were able to complete a questionnaire themselves and submit it with supporting evidence. Also, new topics were added, such as sustainable food.
Thirteen Dutch academic universities and thirteen universities of applied science took part in the survey. Fifteen institutions got an honourable mention while the remaining eleven did not get sufficient points and therefore 'failed the exam', according to Morgen.