Student - November 12, 2015

Mortierstraat 14B - The art of baking

The story so far: Vera and her boyfriend Robby are as thick as thieves. He is pretty alternative and his style seem to be rubbing off on her.

Mortierstraat 14b

‘That smells great,’ shouted Bianca as she entered the kitchen. Vera and her boyfriend Robby looked up from their intimate whisperings in annoyance. ‘What are you guys making?’ asked Bianca, ignoring their blushing faces.

‘Cake,’ said Vera.

Bianca let her glance slide across the work surface, which was piled high with cooking utensils. Her attention was caught by a small plastic bag. She walked over to it and saw it contained quite a lot of green leaves.

‘Aha…,’ said Bianca. ‘I know what sort of cake you're making!’

She looked at them excitedly. ‘Can I have a piece too when it's ready?’ ‘Of course,’ cried Robby. ‘We'll have a relaxed Sunday afternoon,’ he said, winking at Vera. She looked at him in momentary astonishment that turned into a smile. ‘I hope you weren't planning on studying today?’

‘Who wants to be the first to taste the cake?’ asked Robby a little while later. Bianca looked at Vera. Now that the moment had arrived, she found it a little bit daunting. Apparently Vera saw the hesitation on Bianca’s face and she volunteered to take the first mouthful.

‘Delicious,’ she said. Now Bianca dared to as well. She ate a piece. It tasted just like a normal cake. Nervous and excited, Bianca waited. She had never done this before.

‘Are you guys noticing anything yet?’ she asked out of curiosity a little while later. Vera looked at Bianca, saw her serious expression and started to laugh. ‘Are we noticing anything yet?’ Her unceasing laughter seemed infectious because now Bianca too had got the giggles. Slowly she was starting to feel different, more relaxed.

‘What is so funny?’ No one had heard Filippo come in. Bianca pointed to the cake. ‘Do you want a piece?’ she asked laughing.

Filippo surveyed the three of them, trying to grasp the situation. Bianca who was slouched on the sofa, Vera who was sitting propped up against Robby and giggling, and Robby who was looking back at him with an extremely serious expression on his face. He grinned and took a piece of cake for himself.

‘Tasty,’ he said and sat down besides Bianca expectantly. ‘But what exactly have you guys put in this cake?’

They all fell silent. Then Vera and Robby looked at each other and started to snigger. ‘Nou, erm...,’ said Vera. ‘Can't you tell?’ Filippo shook his head. ‘It must have been some really special gear,’ he joked. He stood up and shrugging his shoulders he left the room. Slowly Bianca realized what was going on. ‘But what about that bag then?’ she asked weakly.

‘Did you really believe...?’ laughed Vera. ‘That was just green tea!’