Student - June 19, 2015

Mortierstraat 14B - IC

Student card, please.’ The bouncer at the International Club nodded curtly to Bianca and her best friend Anne; they were holding their cards at the ready. Once inside, they saw that the IC was almost deserted. Bianca looked around in amazement. ‘But it’s after one o’clock. Where is everybody?’

The story so far: Until recently Bianca was enjoying life as a singleton. But now she has started dating a nice guy.

Mortierstraat wall.jpg

‘I’ve heard that parties here often don’t start until after 2 a.m.,’ said Anne with a grin. ‘In the meantime you can tell me everything about Tim.’ Bianca let out an exaggerated groan. ‘Then I’ll need a drink first.’ In keeping with tradition she ordered two Martinis, then they both flopped down on a vacant sofa. As they sat chatting, the club quickly filled up. 

Just as she was relating a juicy detail, Bianca caught sight of a man walking towards them. He was wearing a tight shirt and equally tight jeans. He dropped down casually onto the sofa arm next to Bianca. ‘Hi there. How come two beautiful ladies like yourselves are sitting here alone?’ 

Bianca shrugged her shoulders. ‘Just chatting’. She wasn’t impressed. ‘My name’s Adam. I don’t think I’ve seen you before.’ ‘Nope, haven’t been here before.’ ‘Well, I like to feel I’m kind of the host here.’ He laughed quietly. The girls didn’t respond. ‘Want to dance? It’s salsa evening after all.’ 

Anne stood up suddenly. ‘I’m just going for a smoke. I’ll be in the smoker’s corner if you want me.’ She was gone in a flash, leaving Bianca behind feeling stunned. ‘Come on, let’s dance. Show me your Dutch dance moves.’ Bianca hesitated. She wondered what it would take to get rid of this guy, but at the same time she was too mad at Anne to think of anything. He took her hand and pulled her gently to her feet. Bianca protested. ‘But I don’t know how.’ 

‘Don’t worry, I’ll show you. Just move your hips like this.’ He started to dance exuberantly while keeping his body just centimetres from hers. She had the impression that his sensual moves had little to do with salsa. For the next number, he took a firm grip of her hips. Bianca felt very uncomfortable. This sort of thing never happened at open parties. She scanned the room desperately, looking for Anne. Now Adam was even whirling her around. 

Suddenly she felt another hand take hold of her own and she fell backwards into the arms of some guy who carried on dancing behind her. Now she felt truly desperate. The guys here were unbelievable. Although… this one felt familiar. She turned around and her despair turned to relief. 

‘Need some help?’ Filippo grinned. She laughed. ‘Yes! Can you teach me some real salsa moves?’