Student - May 21, 2015

Mortierstraat 14B - Cupcake

It had been quiet and rainy all day. Really boring until everybody came back to the house. Now the kitchen was filled with people. The delicious sound of butter wrappers and the smell of raw eggs filled the air and unused cutlery lay on the counter.

Mortierstraat wall.jpg

The story so far: Vecino the cat recently threw water over the router. Nevertheless all occupants love their furry housemate.

Careful now, he thought. Quiet! Nobody is looking. In the background Bianca and Derk were decorating cupcakes. Bianca gave the instructions `

No! I want really colourful cupcakes. Not just yellow. Where are the other colours? Why can’t you just put things back where they came from?´ With a yellow tube of food colouring in her hand she searched the kitchen table.

One precise jump later, Vecino landed next to a pile of baking utensils and began to clean the knife of butter. Wasting that clearly would be a shame. When the knife was clean, he proceeded to the butter wrapper. It made a crinkly noise and moved in a funny way. Vecino’s tail moved excitedly. This was fun! Carefully he pushed one of the tubes to the side. He caught it with both paws and bit it. It flipped out of his mouth again and drifted a little further. He pushed his whole body to the ground, while his tail nervously swung about. Just one jump, he thought. Bianca and Derk swirled around as they heard a noise behind them. The knife and all of the packaging were spread all over the kitchen floor. A tail disappeared into the living room.

`Vecino!´ Bianca yelled angry as she looked at the chaos. `Vecino!´ Vera screamed `he is bleeding!´ In just a second Bianca and Derk rushed into the living room, where Vera knelt in front of the sofa, trying to reach for Vecino. `He is bleeding from his mouth and his paws. There are blood stains all over the floor. Come out Vecino, sweety.´

Now all three were looking under the sofa. `We must get him to a vet.´

`What is going on? Why are you sitting there?´ asked Filippo as he entered the room. Bianca tried to explain but she got a lump in her throat: `We were baking cupcakes, and... Vecino fell on a knife, I think.... He is bleeding and won’t come out.´

Vecino sat in the darkest corner, licking his mouth. Why were they yelling? There was no way he would enter that madness.

Then another voice came from the kitchen: `Who left the food colouring open? This is a mess!’