News - May 26, 2011

More space for sport

Plans for the extension to the Bongerd Sports Centre in Wageningen are ready.

Work will start in the autumn on an extension to the left of the entrance, where the walls of the squash courts and windows of the fitness room are now. That entire section will be extended by seven metres, expanding the fitness room to twice its current size on both floors. The extension will also include two new rooms in which classes such as salsa, capoeira, yoga, pole fitness and TRX training can be taught. And it will house the indoor bikes.

Second hall
Sports Foundation Thymos, which raised the issue of the shortage of space at the Bongerd with the executive council in the spring of 2010, is pleased with the plans. 'It is good for individual sportspeople and for small-scale events like our racquet tournament', says chair Carly Janssen. 'But our internal competitions won't benefit from it. It is still quite a struggle to timetable all the activities in the main gym, which mainly leads to cutting the time allotted to student sports clubs. To keep up with the fast growth of the university, they should really build a second hall.