News - July 7, 2011

More sick leave

The amount of sick leave taken at Wageningen UR went up from 3.4 percent in 2009 to 3.8 percent in 2010.

 These figures are reported in the annual report for 2010 which came out last week. In terms of days, this means that there were 5,000 more days off due to illness last year than the year before. The increase is due to a rise in long-term illness among staff: numbers of sick individuals have gone down, while the average number of days sick leave went up (to 14 calendar days).
Sick leave rates are highest at Van Hall Larenstein: 6.1 percent. At DLO it is 3.7 percent and at the university 3.5 percent. The increase is spread over all three parts of the organization. The amount of sick leave goes up with age and is highest among staff on lower salary scales. Financially, 2010 was a good year though. DLO booked the biggest profit: 1.5 million euros, comparable with preceding years. The university ended up with a profit of 6 million. But the biggest spurt was made by Van Hall Larenstein, which finished 2010 very positively: 409,000 in the black, compared with 2009's result of 267,000 in the red.