Organisation - March 26, 2015

More preliminary registrations for wageningen degree programmes

Koen Guiking

The number of preliminary registrations for Wageningen Bachelor’s
programmes is about 10 percent up on this time last year, according to figures produced by Studielink. The figures give the situation
on 23 March.

Foto Open Dag

The most striking increase is for International Land and Water Management, which has almost twice as many registrations as in 2014: 30.6 so far compared with 18.0 last year. Numbers are given to one decimal place as students who register for more than one degree programme count for a fraction per programme. Most degree programmes seem to be growing. A total of 104.8 students have registered for the biggest programme — Nutrition and Health compared with 88.8 last year. Incidentally, there is an enrolment limit of 130 students for this programme. If more people apply, there will be a selection process.

The programmes where preliminary registrations are down on last year are Tourism (-24 percent), Environmental Sciences (-38 percent) and Landscape Architecture and Planning (-30 percent). Wageningen has received more than 800 preliminary registrations so far (via Studielink). More than 1500 new Bachelor’s students are expected to start in Wageningen in September. But things could change in the next five weeks; students have to have submitted their final registration for a degree programme by 1 May.

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  • RolfM

    @redactie: die 1 mei deadline is wel voor een zogenaamd 'verzoek tot inschrijving' bij studielink. Definitief inschrijven vereist ook dat diploma behaald is en de eindexamens zijn dan nog niet achter de rug.

  • rh

    Absoluut groeit levensmiddelentechnologie het hardst en zal rond de 16-170 studenten uitkomen. En wordt daarmee (veruit) de grootste van Wageningen.