News - September 6, 2010

More break-ins at student flats

Burglars are targeting student rooms increasingly often. Last week a laptop was taken from a student housing complex at the Haarweg in Wageningen.

At a student’s room on the Haarweg last Wednesday, a burglar threw a brick through a window. He made off with a laptop.
A wave of break-ins? The police would not go so far as to say that. ‘There are slightly more burglaries than usual, but there is no question of a wave. It is affecting student rooms, family homes and detached houses’, says police spokesperson Tilde van den Brink. The burglars are not specifically targeting students, then. But students are certainly among the victims. Last Wednesday, for example, a laptop was pinched from the Haarweg.

At eight in the morning nextdoor neighbour Simone heard glass breaking. ‘But I didn’t think anything of it. Then I head other neighbours saying they had seen someone running off with a laptop. Then the door collapsed. A dark man had hurled a brick through the pane in the door and entered through it.’
The occupant of the room was not at home but at the introduction at the KSV Franciscus student society. She had left her curtains open and her laptop was visible. She had to be fetched to talk to the police. ‘The thief is not likely to be caught because we hadn’t noticed enough details of his appearance’, says Simone.
During Tuesday night there were three break-ins around Wageningen. Simone: ‘The mayor of Wageningen warned us during the AID about a wave of break-ins. We laughed about it then. And now suddenly my neighbour has a break-in!’
Tips for avoiding break-ins

  • Burglars avoid light, noise and long jobs

  • Don’t make your room a shop window

  • Don’t leave your house keys lying around

  • Lock up properly, even if you are only popping out!

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