Student - November 27, 2014

'Money is pouring in'

Nicolette Meerstadt

Who: Thijs Verheul, student of Business and Consumer Sciences What: With two fellow students he set up United Wardrobe, a website for trading in secondhand clothes.
Why: UW won the public vote prize of the Accenture Innovation Awards

What did you win? ‘The competition ran for more than two months, and nearly 4000 people voted for us. We won 20,000 euros in credit for legal advice, online advertising, coaching and support. Really handy for developing our business further.’

Are you still studying? 'I’ve got to take three resits and then I’ll have my Bachelor’s. Sjuul has finished  and Joep still has to write a thesis. I am already working fulltime for UW, so I really don’t have time to do a Master’s on top of that.’

Are you already making enough to live on? ‘Money is pouring in, but it is pouring out as well. We ourselves live off student grants and jobs on the side. We plough all our earnings from UW back into the company. We have just made an app and on 15 January we go live in Belgium. With our French-language site. In April we are going to conquer France.’

Do things go wrong sometimes? ‘Of course. Sjuul recently put all the products into the category ‘Long skirts’. For a whole day it was impossible to find anything on the site. Luckily that was solved quite quickly. It did cost him a few beers though.’