News - June 1, 2010


'Climate change is my hobby'

Who? Franz Roos.
What? Third-year student of Land and Water Management at VHL Velp.
Why? He gave a short presentation for ex-minister Jacqueline Cramer , who visited VHL Velp on 17 May with the 'Sustainability is for everyone!' tour.
About what? Climate change.
Were you nervous?
No, not really. I felt at ease. Ms Cramer was enthusiastic, as was the whole audience. After my presentation she asked what influence people have on global warming.'
What was your impression of the ex-minister?
'She was relaxed and her answers were clear. She showed an interest and she listened well.'
What was your story about?
'Globally, it is getting a good deal warmer, on average. There is not much of a problem yet in the Netherlands, but eventually we will have more rain and heat waves in the summer. In fifty years' time we might not have severe frosts in the winter any more.'
Are you a real climate expert?
'Climate change is my hobby. I've been gathering data since I was twelve and I've got my own weather station. When you have day-to-day data going back years you can get an idea of the long-term changes.'