News - April 15, 2013

Meanwhile in.... South Korea

In the news: North Korea is preparing for a 'state of war' with South Korea. The communist country has advised foreign diplomats to leave, while preparing a fourth nuclear test.

Commenting on the news: Mina Jin, PhD Plant Breeding and Mijung Kim, MSc Food Technology, both South Korean
Mina: 'The conservative media in South Korea said we are almost in a state of war, but I don't believe it.'
Mijung: 'As far as I can see, South Korea is not making a huge deal out of it as much as the western countries. Firstly, North Korea has been saying many crazy things for years. I don't believe that they will start a real war. To be very blunt, I think they just want to piss off the U.S.; at least to a certain degree. I don't think they hate South Korea. Not only we are from the same roots, but without the help of South Korea, their main resource for survival is gone.
Secondly in South Korea nowadays people are very spoiled. That is what the song Gangnam Style is about, a parody on the rich and spoiled lifestyle. Living in such a comfortable zone, people cannot imagine something like a war would break out. Neither can I.'
Mina: 'There are mainly two opinions in South Korea. The older generation, like my parents, are really concerned about a war. A few days ago my mum called me and said that she was worrying about the possibility that I couldn't go back home because of the outbreak of the war. She really hopes the problem will be solved as soon as possible.
But the younger generation don't see a threat. It's not the first time, and I think Kim Jong Un is bluffing to show his power in the new reign towards south Korea and western countries since his father passed away. My friends don't care about it because it's not an issue for us and we are only concerned about job opportunities.'
Mijung: 'My family doesn't panic much about it. It's the people in The Netherlands who keep asking me about it, I'm bored of it. The power of the Western media is huge, Americans really think North Korean are devils,  but we don't. We are still blood related, we don't see them as enemies.
I'm not sure what North Korea is thinking exactly, but what they are saying sounds so unreal. I don't believe they will destroy South Korea, at least from a perspective of a Korean girl.'