Student - January 8, 2016

Many teachers for Dutch students

Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau

Universities sometimes complain about the high number of students, but actually it is not that bad. In Germany and Belgium the teachers have much fuller lecture rooms.

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In the Netherlands there are about fifteen students per teacher, this was found in an overview on the basis of the yearly rankings of Times Higher Education. In Germany there are more than 35 and also Belgium, Australia and Italy have relatively few teachers. Japan, Denmark and Russia on the other hand, are living the good life.

The ranking lists the two hundred best institutions in the world. This includes twelve of the thirteen Dutch universities. But Japan has less institutions in the top 200, only two. The same goes for Denmark (three institutions) and Russia (one institution).

In other words: on average our universities are doing rather well in this area, better than the other best universities of many countries.

Of course the definitions per country could differ, but the makers of the ranking list have tried to make it comparable. Under staff they understand teachers employed by the university. Cleaners and security were not included.