Student - June 22, 2015

‘Make mine a bench’

Linda van der Nat

Students are keen to see more benches and other seating on the campus. This has been shown by a survey by WURpp, Wageningen University’s own app.

WURpp enables students to win prizes by completing assignments. For each assignment they get points. The app was launched last year and has turned out to be a great success: it now has over 1000 active users. The university uses the app to gauge student opinion on all sorts of campus topics, says Arda Beckers, WURpp coordinator. ‘We fi nd the students’ feedback really important. The input we receive is shared with the right departments.’ Thanks to WURpp, for example, the range of goods on sale in the university’s webshop has recently been expanded.

As far as the benches are concerned, students will soon be getting exactly what they want. After the summer, the field of grass in front of Forum will become a market field, with long benches, reveals Elike Wijnheimer. She is the coordinator of outdoor space on the campus. The placing of the benches is not a direct consequence of the WURpp survey, but is part of a longer running project to make the campus more attractive and inviting. ‘It’s nice that this survey confirms that students really want this.’ 

As well as being somewhere students can relax, the market field will be a place for business owners. There will be space for stands and stalls, says Wijnheimer, ice cream vans and pizza sellers.

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  • Meer bankjes?

    Tsja, wordt de campus echt beter van wat lukraak in het rond gestrooide bankjes? Grotere problemen als kwel, een slecht-microklimaat en infrastructuur-chaos worden hier niet mee opgelost...
    Kijk ook eens op:
    (ook Elike Wijnheijmer geeft hier haar volledige verhaal, naast andere betrokkenen)

    • zuurpruim

      in de categorie betaalbare verbeteringen lijken me bankjes wel handig. Mocht er nog een paar miljoen uit een hoge hoed springen kan die uni wel wat meer doen ja