News - April 30, 2015


Rob Ramaker

Shoppers’ eyes rarely stray upwards in the Mortierstraat. If they were to glance up today, they would see two – very white – legs dangling out the window. Bianca and Willem-Jan had spent the entire afternoon lounging on the window sill.

The story so far: Thanks to an unruly house party the residents aren’t getting along with their landlord at the moment. Luckily, sunny spring weather has created a laidback atmosphere.

Mortierstraat wall.jpg

‘This is the life,’ said Willem-Jan. He took a gulp of his Corona. Bianca nodded lazily, only to feel goosebumps arise a moment later. It might have been sunny but with every passing cloud she felt a chill. In the background, loud beats were booming from the stereo. All the other housemates were out, so they didn’t need to take account of anybody. ‘Isn’t that Jochem and Diederik?’ Bianca pointed downwards. Willem-Jan was rummaging through the fridge looking for the last of the wheat beers.

‘Shit yes,’ he said, returning to give Bianca a beer. He immediately put his own beer down out of harm’s way and ran barefoot to his room. He came back holding a giant water pistol.

‘Are they still there?’ he asked while he filled the pistol at the sink.

‘Yeah, they’re standing under the window eating ice creams.’ Grinning, Willem-Jan came over to stand beside Bianca. ‘Watch this, it’ll be epic.’ The unexpectedly forceful jet soaked mainly Diederik. Clearly shocked, Diederik dropped his ice cream.

‘Dickhead,’ the pair grinned up at Willem-Jan when they saw him. ‘We’ll get you.’ After Bianca had spent another fifteen minutes dozing in the sunshine something shot past her head. A water balloon exploded against the wall. Willem-Jan had less luck and took a direct hit. ‘One all,’ shouted Diederik from below. Willem-Jan couldn’t let that go. He put a bucket straight under the running tap and started shooting back with his water pistol. Meanwhile one balloon after the next was winging its way inside. Initially Bianca had laughed at the pandemonium, but now she was looking more and more doubtful.

‘Is this such a good idea? You’re hitting lots of other people.’ Willem-Jan meanwhile was acting like a lunatic. Grinning, he grabbed the full bucket. Just then the doorbell rang. That could only mean that Diederik and Jochem were standing directly beneath the window on the right! Without a moment’s doubt, Willem-Jan tipped the water outside. ‘Gotcha!’ he yelled. Leaning out the window, he looked straight into the face of their landlord - who seemed beside himself with rage.

‘And do you know what I’ve got? A whole bunch of complaints from the neighbours.’