Organisation - January 27, 2018

Luxury event tent on campus

Didi de Vries

At the end of February a luxury event tent will be placed on the WUR campus. The tent will host several events taking place as part of the centennial of WUR.

100 years WUR on campus © Jeffrey Mulder/ Riwojo

The tent consists of six separate halls, connected to each other. It was designed especially for 100 years WUR and functions as a central meeting location. ‘The stage in the plenary hall will frequently be used in the coming months’, says Door van der Sloot, coordinator of 100 years WUR. It can host 500 people, but with all side-tents, there will be place for 1000 people. ‘This large location is needed for the different symposia and gatherings that will take place’, says Van der Sloot.

The tents will be placed on the field between Orion and Atlas. The main entrance will face the Gaia and Lumen buildings. On that side there will also be two terraces of which one has a roof. Five smaller tents will be attached to the main hall. Smaller gatherings or dinners can take place in those rooms.

The first event held in the tent is the opening of the centennial on 8 March.Mid-July the location will be removed, but the activities as part of the centennial will continue until the end of November.

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  • Caustic Comedy Events

    Dan heb ik nog wel een goed idee wat betreft de invulling van de internationale engels gesproken programmering(en) :D
    Boek ons!

  • Caustic Comedy Events

    Dan heb ik nog wel een goed idee waf betreft de invullinv van de internationale engelsgesproken programmering :D
    Boek ons!

  • Cleo

    Nog meer bebouwing op de wat ooit zo'n mooie campus was... Zonde... Wageningen UR begint een trademark te verliezen..

  • Jopie

    En ik maar denken dat t tentenkamp nodig was om studenten te huisvesten

    • Fret

      Voor Idealis: Beter een goed gejat idee dan slecht bedacht eigen plan...