News - July 3, 2014

Lower salary for Idealis director

Rob Ramaker

The new director of Idealis will have a considerably lower salary than her predecessor. The change means Idealis now fulfils the legal norm for top incomes.

Newcomer Sylvie Deenen started last Septem-ber as director of the Wageningen student housing corporation. Idealis’s annual report shows that she gets an annual salary of 125,000 including pension provision. Deenen’s predecessor Hans van Medenbach took home about 175,000 euros a year. 

The change means Idealis now fulfils the legal norm for top incomes, says Idealis spokesperson Corina van Dijk. This law sets limits to pay in the semi-public sector. The pay for corporation directors is linked to the number of rental houses they manage and the size of the municipality. The new director’s pay is well within the margins, according to Idealis. 

Golden handshake

Former director Van Medenbach was sacked in 2012. There had for some time been doubts within the organization about the way he worked, later published court reports revealed. In the end he got a golden handshake of 175,000 euros. The main argument for his dismissal was the worsening relations with Wageningen UR and the municipality.