News - March 2, 2006

Local elections

Students from European Union member states are entitled to vote in the elections for the town council that will be held on 7 March. Those to whom this applies recently received a stemkaart, or voting card, in the post. Nevertheless none of local parties has made its programme for the coming four years available in English. The stemkaart, which contains information about the voting procedure and where you need to go to vote, is also only in Dutch. Press officer for Wageningen town council, Tineke Hofman, explains that it was a conscious choice only to publish information in Dutch. ‘If you decide to vote for the council you are expected to have enough Dutch to be able to make a choice and vote.’ The local political parties have no written information about their programmes in English either. You still have an opportunity to find out for yourself which party deserves your support, as all contenders will be present in the market square during the day on Saturday 4 March. Several parties have students or WUR-employees on their list of candidates. / YdH